Shawn Ice goes Afrobeat

September 16, 2019
Shawn Ice
Shawn Ice

As Afrobeat continues to dominate Jamaican playlists and radio stations, it's typically a win-win scenario when stars of the vibrant genre team up with dancehall artistes.

The upbeat single Mine is no exception to the winning rule. In fact, it shines as one of the year's most slept on cross-genre offerings, seeing young dancehall artiste Shawn Ice, from St Mary, teaming up with red-hot Malawian talent Provoice.

On Mine, Shawn Ice and Provoice melodically inform the other not-so-lucky guy that " She's mine."

Not an uncommon topic, the song erupts via its unique, catchy presentation, prompting all to sing verbatim, or at least hum along.

Provoice adorns Mine with steamy vocals from the moment the song kicks off with it's catchy hook: " From me touch you girl she mine she mine she mine, Pon me body she wine she wine she wine, She no want nobody else she say she is my baby."

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