Kingseyes believes J’can music has lost its way

September 16, 2019

Reggae artiste Kingseyes believes that Jamaican artistes have lost some of their cultural significance in Africa because of the current glut of songs that glorify trigger-pulling, gang violence, misogyny and the sexual exploitation of women.

"As an African who truly loves Jamaica and the people of Jamaica, Jamaican music and the culture, I know personally the impact of Jamaican music on many cultures around the world," he said, noting artistes like Gregory Isaacs, Dennis Brown, Peter Tosh and Bob Marley.

"What all these artistes had or have in common is the message of hope that their music gave the men, women and children of Africa in times of struggle.

People listened when the Jamaicans sang about the injustice the people of South Africa faced under the apartheid regime."

He said that Africans still listen to music coming out of Jamaica but, unfortunately, violence glorification and dancehall pornography is what is mostly being exported to that part of the world.

Kingseyes believes that Jamaicans need to recognise the dynamics of their niche market and return to the roots so that the product sounds authentically Jamaican, instead of like "Jamaican-sounding songs on poorly produced, hybrid hip-hop rhythms".

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