Shauna Controller says her aim was to please Joe

July 20, 2019

With the chatter surrounding her inaugural Sumfest appearance being mainly negative, Shauna Controlla had a lot riding on her debut set. In the months leading up to her performance, naysayers lashed out at her, stating that she had limited talent and that she was only included in the line up because of her affiliation with the Sumfest boss, Joe Bogdanvich. 

But with her number one supporter watching her from side stage as she made her Reggae Sumfest debut, for Shauna Controlla, her set was less about getting 'forwards' from the crowd and more about making Bogdanovich proud.

"It feels really great that I have his support and that he has my back. He ensured that I stayed calm throughout the whole process. When I looked over there and I saw him, I said to myself, 'me a do dis fi mi boss innu', and me a guh take the show because me want him come tell me say yow, yuh shell it. I did it for him because this is his show," she said.

"He saw the talent when no one did see it and he actually believed in me. Him say him believe inna me and I should say focus and not make people drain my energy. He and my son were the number on priorities on my mind and I think I made them proud. Sumfest is not about forward and all a dat. It's about doing your best and I did my best."

In a set that lasted approximately 15 minutes, Shauna Controlla performed songs like Control Button, Suicide, Money Team and Problem. She said the performance proves that she belonged on the stage.

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