Too much talent for one show - Bogdanovich says Sumfest couldn’t fit D’Angel into line-up

July 19, 2019
Joe Bogdanovich
Joe Bogdanovich

Reggae Sumfest principal Joe Bogdanovich said that with the festival running on a tight schedule this year, it was impossible to fit everyone they were considering into the line-up.

Bogdanovich was responding to queries about why popular artiste D'Angel was not among the females scheduled.

"It has nothing to do with her talent, she's very talented. She has an identity and she's a pretty good performer too. But sometimes when you're shuffling the deck about who's a 'go', there's so much talent that we can't put everybody. We are looking forward to having her in the future though," he said.

D'Angel said that in addition to a call from Bogdanovich himself, she had an official meeting to discuss her appearance, but says those plans fell through.

"I got a call and then I went into an official meeting to sign a contract. I met with Joe himself," she said. "He told me he was working on the line-up in terms of timing."

Bogdanovich confirmed that he and D'Angel talked about a possible appearance some months ago, and said that the team was looking forward to having her on the line-up.

But he also expressed that if D'Angel did not hear back from the team, it was not intentional.

"I'm going to have someone check on that. We don't wanna hurt anybody's feelings and she was on but we wanna finish by 6 a.m. so we can't have everyone," he said.

D'Angel said that there are no hard feelings.

"At the end of the day, one event don't dictate the career of someone that has been in the business for over 10 years. I'm still doing me, dem a do dem," she expressed. "Musicaly, physically, every 'ally', Angel hot over yah so. I'm creating good music and one festival can't make me lose focus or feel some type a way."

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