Tall Up ready to heat up the summer with new songs

June 26, 2019
Tall Up
Tall Up

Dancer-turned-artiste Tall Up has her sights set on scorching up the dancehall scene this summer with two new singles.

According to the entertainer, the tracks Best Life and Sexy Moan, are geared toward the female audience.

" Best Life is like the song fi di summer. It's a party type of song encouraging females to live their best life, do weh dem wah do and just have fun. Sexy Moan is also getting a lot of attention from the dancehall scene. It is a steamy, hardcore sex song, something weh me woulda compare to Ramping Shop. It have da vibes deh. Two a dem hot, and the two a dem a create a buzz so far. Things only a go get hotter fi di summer as dem pick up and more people start hear dem," Tall Up said.

Best Life was released on May 15, and the video is set to be released on the artiste's VEVO page on July 15.

Meanwhile, the entertainer, who dubs herself the 'Queen of MoBay', said that having made huge inroads on the local dancehall circuit, she was a bit disappointed that she was not offered a spot to perform at Reggae Sumfest next month.

Down-to-earth attitude

"Me nuh book fi Sumfest da year yah, and me nuh know why because me a di hottest female right now inna MoBay from MoBay," she said.

"I'm loved by the people in the street with my down-to-earth attitude. I keep it real and stay true to myself, stand my grounds, and I have a lot to contribute to this music."

Although disappointed, Tall Up said that she will continue working because she believes certain doors will open with time.

She might not be booked for Sumfest, but she is set to touch the stage at this year's Summer Sizzle.

"Me just a gwaan put in the work, because at the end of the day, me know great things a go come. Me nah make da likkle disappointment yah discourage me. Me start do music since last year summer, and me see a whole heap a improvement and growth. My growth has been so quick. I'm one of the first artiste as a female me see with such a quick growth in music, and I've been getting so much love and attention and support from the people dem. So me still blessed," she said.

"I love what I do, and entertainment is part of me. Music chose me, and I'm grateful for this God-given talent, and I'm glad I had discovered it."

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