ZOSO can’t solve Westmoreland crime problem, says artiste

June 17, 2019
Fancy D
Fancy D

Westmoreland born, US-based reggae artiste Fancy D says his heart is breaking in a million pieces as he hears about trigger-happy gunmen's murderous rampage and other criminal activities unfolding in his beloved parish of Westmoreland.

The artiste, born Donovan Nelson, migrated to the USA in his adult years, and has never turned his back on his hometown, as he visits at least once per year.

"Watching the news make me cry as I can't help but remember the days when we could go to bed with our windows and doors unlocked and we would still be safe," he said.

"The only crimes that happened back then were larceny or theft," he said.

Noting the zone of special operation, which is now in operation in Westmoreland, Fancy D had commendation for the efforts of the Government, the police, the JDF and other security personnel for their effort in trying to tame the monster of crime in the parish, but said it will take much more than ZOSO.

"With all due respect to the prime minister, the minister of national security and the bigger heads in Jamaica, at this point not even ZOSO can solve the crime problem in Westmoreland. It needs intervention from a high being. We must involve more godliness in our homes, schools, workplaces and our everyday lives. Only God can solve this crime problem in Westmoreland right now!" he reiterated.

Getting traction

Fancy D, whose latest single, Love The Vibes, is getting traction on a number of radio stations in Jamaica and overseas, said the song is about love of reggae and the good vibes you get from listening to it.

"I am a reggae singer. That is the business that I am involved with. I am calling on all my conscious reggae singers in Jamaica, those in the diaspora, or wherever they reside to use music to help bring about the change. Music is the force that can drive positive conversation with the message of peace and love for all," he shared.

Fancy's song was recorded on April 12 on his own label Zenith Zone and is distributed by Zojak International. He is putting the final touches on a soon-to-be-released video for Level The Vibes as well as he is working on other singles. He is also laying tracks for an album.

"It will have a little of everything ... inspirational, feel good vibes, lovers' rock... music lovers taste are diverse and so will be the tracks on the album," he said of the upcoming project.

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