LA Lewis ready to answer Sumfest call

June 10, 2019
LA Lewis
LA Lewis

Dancehall artiste LA Lewis believes that his Sumfest debut is imminent and could happen as early as next year.

"Me and Joe (Bogdanovich) always have a good relationship and he's always boosting me to go in the music business. Every year, Trillionaire Records and LA Lewis play our part in promoting Sumfest, but next year certainly, I'll be booked for it," he said. "This year we're supporting Sumfest behind the scenes and on the ground but next year, we a run the stage. It's going to be a star time when the 'seven star general' touch Sumfest stage. You know I'm incontestable so there's nothing to contest wid me."

The entertainer revealed that despite making strides in the music industry in recent times, he believes the timing wasn't right for him to introduce himself to the Sumfest audience and so even if he was offered a spot, he would have declined.

He added that having laid a solid foundation over the past five years, he is now ready to put his 100 per cent behind solidifying his music career.

"Over the years, LA Lewis was always in the marketing side of the industry and the promotion side. I'm the guru, the god of social media, the street god. Me did a make me name in the streets and build mi ting a certain way before me come out there wid di artiste thing serious, serious," he said. "My company Trillionaire Records is up fully now ... so we're heading into the music business fully now. We even have a new artiste name Shynetyme from MoBay that we're working with, and we a work wid artiste like Lybran and the 6ix dem also."

The artiste also congratulated Reggae Sumfest on its 27th anniversary, stating that as the birthplace of reggae, he is proud that Jamaica has managed to sustain a show of Sumfest's magnitude for so long.

"Sumfest are the ones holding up the dancehall and the reggae music industry, not only in Jamaica, but the world. Everyone knows that Jamaica is the factory, so any time the factory bruk dung, the whole world a go bruk dung. Me affi thank Joe for carrying on this, and Mr (Johnny) Gourzong dem for holding it out over the years. The thing is on a next level now."

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