Vendors chase fresh cash at Buju concert

March 16, 2019

The no re-entry policy that has been implemented for the first show in Buju Banton's Long Walk to Freedom tour tonight, has some vendors concerned that they may not be able get maximum sales.

Since the gates opened at 4 p.m., things have been relatively slow for the vendors. Daddy Chest, who has been selling jerked chicken for 29 years, says he is a little saddened that patrons cannot come and go as they please.

"Bwoy, it still kinda early enuh, but so far, things deh pan the slow side. We affi a remind the people dem sey can't come out back so we can get a few sales," he said.

"Me woulda love if dem could come back out but a fi dem policy dat and we affi just work wid it. Me a hope say who nuh buy before will buy after," he added.

Merie, who is a regular vendor at the National Stadium, echoed similar sentiments. She said that she would have loved if patrons were given armbands to allow then to access the stadium as they please. Like Daddy Chest, she is hoping that things will pick up later in the night. 

"A nuh really Buju show we come enuh, a our stall dem here so whether show a keep or not, we deh here, but since the show a keep, we did a hope fi make a extra dollar," she said.

"The whole thing say people can't come out back once dem inside kinda rough, but we a guh work wid it. So far things nuh really start sell yet, but we a hope to get the crowd after the show cause a money we seh," Merie said.

Keisha Wilmot (right) Latoya Atkinson (centre) and Felicia Rose take their place inside the National Stadium in Kingston as they await Buju Banton's performance.
Keyon Hemans photos

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