Former Stone Love Selectors start their own sound system

January 18, 2019
Members of Sky Level Movements (from left) Odane Murphy, Nicarl Brown, Kevin Murphy and Ricardo Davis.

Kevin Murphy and Nicarl Brown, popularly known as Jazzy J and Genius, respectively, have been selecting partners since 2007.

The pair worked together as resident selectors for Stone Love and Swatch International until they decided to branch off and do things on their own.

Their dreams of being an independent act were realised last year when they started their own sound system called Sky Level Movements.

Jazzy J told THE WEEKEND STAR that although he and Genius were not venturing into new territories, they were naturally a little bit scared of the unknown.

"When we left Stone Love, we didn't think it would have made sense to go and work for another sound system because if we're being real, Stone Love has the biggest legacy as far as sound systems in Jamaica," he said. "So we just decided to take a chance on our own thing and start from scratch. Sometimes yuh haffi venture out on your own. That's what we did and we don't regret a thing."

The sound has experienced tremendous growth over the past 12 months.

"You don't start off running so we just did a take we time and build the thing, set the link. People weh know we from long time, have faith inna we, so when we put it out deh seh we a go pan we own, we never really have no problems getting booked for shows and so on," said Jazzy J. "Fi just the year weh we come out as a team, yuh have people inna di business long time weh nuh get the amount of dates weh we get and me grateful for the growth and support. We've been building on our brand locally and we looking to take things outside a Jamaica this year."

Jazzy J said the team has an upcoming African promo tour in August, where the team is expected to play in countries like Zimbabwe, Ghana and Kenya. Odane Murphy, aka SJ Murphy, and Ricardo 'DJ Popeye' Davis, formally of Swatch International, along with road supervisor, Richard Palmer are the other members of Sky Level Movements.

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