Pamputtae pleased with reaction to music video

January 04, 2019
Pamputtae (centre) in single mother mode during the music video.

Having been endorsed by international rapper Foxy Brown in August, entertainer Pamputtae knew she had a powerful song on her hands when she released 'Single Mothers' last summer.

According to her, the song had been impacting the lives of single mothers everywhere, and so she made the strategic move of allowing it to run its course before dropping a music video.

It has been one week since the official music video for the track was released on YouTube, and based on the reaction it has been receiving, the artiste is happy she decided to wait.

"The song was doing great things and I knew I had to just wait for it to just do its thing. People have come to me and told me stories about how the song change dem life. Me did want the video to have the same impact, so me just step back and decide fi put it together properly," she said.

"Now that the video is out, the song a get even more love. The video is so touching. Yuh know how much people call me a cry? If yuh read all the comments dem on the Vevo, yuh will see. Me know me do the right thing when me wait fi drop the video because the song take on another life right now."

In the video, Pamputtae can be seen going through the struggles of raising two children on her own, after being thrown out of the house she shared with her partner. Forced to now fend for the two young ones, the artiste takes on several jobs to ensure her children's survival.




"How me did want the video come out, it come out perfect. As a single mother, I know the struggles that I've been through, and I wanted to show that. Me used to go town and sell and stuff like that, and a nuff mothers out there a do every likkle thing fi make sure dem pickney all right," she said.

While she would love to put a figure on the number of views she would like to get for the video, Pamputtae says she just wants the video to continue positively impacting people.

"Me just want the deejay dem and the disc jockey dem fi play it more. Some selectors a say dem nuh know how to drop it inna di dance dem, but a song like dis is real and the message so strong dat all yuh need to do is just play it. Some people play it, enuh, like Little Richie and Randy Rich. When dem intro the song, the way dem dweet inna party, when dem drop it, the song deal wid di place a way," Pamputtae said.

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