Show us more respect! - Tanya Stephens lashes out at bad promoters

December 28, 2018
Tanya Stephens
Tanya Stephens

Reggae singer Tanya Stephens, says promoters should show artistes more respect when they book them for shows. The entertainer was speaking with THE WEEKEND STAR following her performance at Unruly Fest in St Thomas last Saturday.

“A lot of the good shows are dying out and I’m going to tell you why. Arrogance is the biggest thing killing them. The promoters, the organisers are arrogant, they’re egotistical and they’re rude. Sometimes when we encounter them and they come to us to get a show, they beg, believe me. They come on bended knees a beg and beseech to do the show but yuh see after yuh sign that piece a paper, dem nah no manners, dem rude and grungy,” she said.

Stephens said that Unruly Fest was the only show she is doing in Jamaica for 2018.

“Me nah do nuh show for them because I’ve had too many negative encounters with shows as far as them (promoters) belittling the artistes. When they have international acts, they’ll treat them like they’re gods, and the local acts that make up the bulk of the entertainment get treated like nothing, and I really don’t have the tolerance for that because nothing here pays me enough to make me survive,” she added.

“I do Jamaica out of love. People always think ‘oh she gwaan like she all dat.’ No, me wah do things yah. Me love my country and me love my people. Sometimes dem nuh love me back, but anuh nothing.”

Host their own events

Stephens, who was heaping praises on Popcaan for what she described as a ‘well-executed’ event, said she would encourage artistes who have the capacity to host their own events to do so.

“I wouldn't just get up and give artistes the encouragement to start their own show because for every job there is a professional, not every artiste ago good pan it. Me nuh feel like a everybody fi do it,” she said.

“But if you are the kind of person that will actually do it right, then of course. I love my industry and I have respect for it and so I respect our audiences. I would not invite everybody to do a show because not everybody going to do the same level of show.”

The entertainer also urged fellow Jamaicans to stop looking for handouts from promoters when they’re hosting events and actually spend their money on the shows.

“Fi support something means to not come to the gate and tell the promoter say yuh name on a list. It means go buy a ticket and come in and buy some liquor, dats how yuh support. We need to stop complaining that this music not doing as well as that music because if yuh think that this music should be doing better den yuh should put your money where your mouth is and support it. What yuh want to see progress and grow, support it,” she said.


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