Yesterday to treat patrons to free drinks

December 21, 2018
Patrons get down to the music during the August edition of Yesterday - best of the 90s at Mas Camp.

'Tis the season for giving back, and even party promoters are feeling the Christmas season.

The final installation of the Yesterday party series for 2018 will be held at Mas Camp this Saturday, and patrons can expect to indulge in free drinks all night.

According to promoter Gyete Ghartey, Yesterday's partygoers are some of the most faithful, so in keeping with the spirit of Christmas, he and his team decided to treat them.

"I don't know if people remember [but] last year, about three events for us were affected by the weather, and the patrons stuck with us right through. Some even came out in the rain, and that really touched us," he said. "We decided to do something for the patrons, and that's how the drinks-inclusive Yesterday came about. This time around, just like last year, all drinks are free. Some events say 'All drinks free' and is just mixed drinks; that's not us. All beers, white rum, Campari, Appleton, Vodka, Magnum, Colbeck and chasers will be free."

Ghartey also expressed that Christmas is the time of year when offices usually throw big bashes for their employees, but he has noticed that fewer companies are splurging on these initiatives, and so, he and his team wanted to fill the gap.

"We notice that over the years, companies are cutting out office parties around this time, and so, we wanted this last event to be one big office party for our patrons. This is the season for giving back, so come and let us say thanks and show you that we appreciate you."

Yesterday showcases the best of '90s music and is held every other month end.

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