Wheel and come again - Nature Ellis to revive year-old marijuana song

December 21, 2018
Nature Ellis

Reggae artiste Nature Ellis believes that with all the talk surrounding the decriminalisation of marijuana, it is the perfect time to rehash his song, 'Pass Mi Di Kutchie'.

According to the artiste, the song was released a year ago but was never given the promotion it needed to become the anthem he believes it is.

Speaking with The weekend STAR in a recent interview, Ellis revealed that a music video for the track was recently released as part of the increased promotion.

"Me and my team decide say, yuh know what? It's best we push this song now. Sometimes, as an artiste, yuh affi observe what's going on and know when to push a song. It's all about timing. Pass Mi Di Kutchie is a herb song, a celebration of marijuana. I think the song is very relevant, it's the right time for it based on how much activities are going n with the herb right now," he said. "You don't have to hide anymore when the police dem a come, yuh can bun a spliff in peace now. Whole heap a things a gwaan wid di herb all over the world, and so the song can very well be an anthem."

According to Ellis, the song has been getting great feedback in the streets and is very well received at stage shows. He believes the track is even more relevant today.

"The other day I went on a tour and performed the song, and the people loved it. There's just a different vibe surrounding marijuana now. People a give it a strength everywhere I go now and perform it," he said.

Nature Ellis says he will be taking a more proactive role in the promotion of the song this time around and will not be leaving it solely to the distribution label.

"A year later, this song is still fresh. I'm looking forward to being booked on all the ganja festivals through this song," he said.

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