House of Dancehall to host talent contest

December 14, 2018
Michael Dawson

House of Dancehall is gearing up to host a new talent-search series. The competition, dubbed Dancehall Lifestyle Talent Contests, will feature only female contestants and will see them vying for titles such as Top Female Deejay, Top Female Disc Jock, Dancehall Vixen, Face of Dancehall, and Dancehall's Sexiest Body.

According to the CEO of Whirlwind Entertainment, Michael Dawson, the Jamaican culture is too rich to not be highlighted in every aspect. He said that as an industry insider, he is just trying to play his part in bringing more eyes to the best of Jamaica's culture. He said that he is also hoping to have the competition streamed to the international market via Jamaica Online TV, allowing overseas viewers to vote.

Noting that the women in dancehall are often marginalised, Dawson said that one of his main goals with this competition is to target the women and ensure that they get the respect they deserve in the entertainment sphere.

"Dancehall could not be where it is today without the ladies. We are going to be giving these ladies a platform, nurturing them and providing international exposure. At least three of the live shows will be held internationally, giving the winners access to be global superstars," he said.

The competition is set to get under way at the House of Dancehall headquarters, located on Cargill Avenue, St Andrew, on December 22.

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