Keep black consciousness debate going - Ganggoolie

December 13, 2018


Dancehall artiste Ganggoolie has released the official video for his track 'Like Spice'. The song seeks to strengthen the message Spice began sending through her track 'Black Hypocrisy'.

In October, an image of Spice with a much lighter complexion prompted some to believe she was bleaching. But the artiste was only trying to send a message to the masses about the negativity 'black' men and women face every day because of the colour of their skin.

Ganggoolie is hoping that his video will rehash arguments surrounding black consciousness, as he doesn't want the message to be pushed to the shadows now that the 'hype' surrounding Spice's song has faded somewhat.

In his video, a young woman sporting a black face can be seen begging for the attention of a male love interest.

As the man walks away leaving the woman by herself, two women observing from the background approach her.

They advise her that the colour of her skin is the issue and proceed to introduce her to 'bleaching creams'.

They advise her that as soon as her skin tone begins to lighten, the man will come back and will be the one begging for her attention.

Ganggoolie said that as an entertainer, he knows that positive messages are usually pushed aside and, therefore, need to be reiterated for the message to stick with the masses.

"Musically, how Jamaica stay is dem run wid a one thing fi nine days and den that's it. Da topic here nah go weh all when we lef Earth and gone. There is a problem in society between darker skin people and lighter skin people. Some places yuh get preference at all time if yuh lighter," he said. "Big up Spice because she came out and talked about an issue nuff people never wah talk about. She bring it to the public and it a go take all a we as artiste fi sink the message. At the end of the day, whether yuh brown or black or white, di whole a we a one and we fi treat everybody the same."

The artiste also explained that he used the narrative of the young man because he wants the men to show more love to dar-skinned women.

"We know how man inna Jamaica stay. A dark skin girl will stand up here so and a brown skin one stand up over there so, or even a bleach out one, and the man will see the brown one and not the dark one," he said. "When a girl dark, yuh find say she get push aside and me wah di man dem know say dem must love up the black woman dem same way, make dem feel good too."

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