Buju's best! ... Industry players pick top Gargamel songs

December 10, 2018
Tony Matterhorn
Boom Boom
Gussie Clarke
Buju Banton
Miss Kitty

With a career spanning more than three decades, Buju Banton is considered an icon in the local music industry. Also known as the 'Gargamel' in the entertainment sphere, the artiste is known for his socially and politically charged tracks which often sends listeners into deep thought.

Having spent the last 10 years behind bars after his conviction on drug charges in the United States, Buju was deported to Jamaica on Friday. Fans are already bracing themselves for new music from the 'Gargamel', even as they enjoy the classics he made.

Here are the top 10 Buju songs, as decided by four entertainment gurus.




1. Stamina Daddy

2. The Grudge

3. Untold Stories

4. Sound Fi Dead

5. I Wanna Be Loved

6. Top A Top

7. Nothing

8. Driver

9. Gold Spoon

10. Destiny


BOOM BOOM,  selector


1. Big Man Don't Cry, ft Beres Hammond

2. Love Me Browning

3. Respect

4. Til Shiloh

5. Stamina Daddy

6. I Wanna Be Loved

7. How Massa God World A Run

8. Yardie

9. Untold Stories

10. Love Black Woman


MISS KITTY, media personality


1. Psalms 23, ft Morgan Heritage

2. Make My Day

3. Batty Rider

4. Too Bad

5. Deportee

6. Driver

7. Untold Stories

8. Gold Spoon

9. Murderer

10. Mr Nine




1. Love Me Browning

2. Destiny

3. Till I'm Laid To Rest

4. I Wanna Be Loved

5. Untold Stories

6. Till Shiloh

7. Murderer

8. Not An Easy Road

9. Champion

10. Driver

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