Potential Kidd finds success in Trinidad

December 07, 2018
Dwayne 'Potential Kidd' Taylor

Potential Kidd has been labelled a one-hit wonder by many in the local music sphere.

But, with recent buzz coming from an unexpected place, the entertainer is determined to find that next big hit come 2019.

He told THE WEEKEND STAR that he has been getting some positive feedback from fans in Trinidad and Tobago on a track he did six years ago.

He said Jump Pan Di C**ky is being played a lot in the parties in the twin-island republic and has reopened the eyes of many to his talent.


"Mi never expect this because a six years ago me release da song deh. A sound name Tech Sounds play the song inna a dance dung deh, and di people dem love it. Him get over US$5000 inna 'money pull-up' inna di dance, and is like the song a go viral since den," he said. "People start play it regular and people start call me fi shows over deh. Me go some shows already and shell down the place, and some people start approach me fi do some work inna all carnival."

He said the buzz has given him a new perspective on the music industry as he is now thinking of branching into a genre he had no idea he would even touch.

"Mi feel proud, innu, because a carnival space dat ... A just bay niceness a gwaan fi me over Trinidad," he said. "Me wah know if dem a go still a say inna Jamaica say Potential a one-hit wonder because right now, inna Trinidad, me have one a di biggest songs. Every bus, every car, every house inna every lane a say 'Potential'."

He said that although people may not hear about him in Jamaica, he is still doing sold-out shows elsewhere.

"Some man weh a big artiste nah get the crowd weh me get a show. Mi did feel a way when dem a say a one song me have, but me never make dat get me down because people a go always talk," he said. "When people nah hear bout yuh, dem pree negative, but me nah listen weh people a say, me just stay so and a do the work."

The entertainer said that he is ready to take the industry by storm in 2019 as he has a flurry of songs to release.

He currently has more than 20 songs he's recorded and is hoping to saturate the industry soon.

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