Dovey Magnum to highlight female talent with December show

December 07, 2018
Dovey Magnum

Entertainer Dovey Magnum is getting ready to host her very first concert in Jamaica, and having faced her fair share of obstacles as a female in a male dominated industry, the entertainer decided to use the platform to push other female entertainers.

Speaking with THE WEEKEND STAR, Dovey Magnum said she decided to go with an all-female line-up for the December 28 show, because there are too many female artistes on the music scene who do not get the attention they deserve.

"Females are strength innu, and at the end of the day I see where I have to fight way before Bawl Out to try to get out there. Over the years, me watch as the females come up and dem bad, but is like yuh nah see dem or hear dem songs so people nuh pay dem no mind," she said. "Going with an all-female line-up, people a go get to see some a di ladies dem inna music weh bad but yuh nah too hear bout dem. Me know di man dem woulda come on and do a good job, innu. But for this show, when I thought of it, I wanted to do something to push females."

While admitting that the music industry is a hard place for a woman, she insists that complaining about the adversities would not change things.

"Mi nuh like when we as females siddung and sing pan how 'We females get a fight' because we know we get a fight but weh we a go do? Siddung and make dem continue fight we or we a go get up and step over dem and fight too?" she said.

She said patrons should come out and expect a great show as each act will bring her 'A game'.

"Me a come fi celebrate wid di people dem a Jamaica because a deh so me come from and me know every artiste pan di line-up a come wid supmn special," she said. "People can come out and expect the 'raw' me because me can't tame. Me wah come bruk out and gwaan wid a bag a things. Me's not a normal artiste, me a bring sexiness come give dem and me want dem come out come enjoy dem self."

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