Dalton isn't being kicked out of the UK - Donovan Germain says X Factor winner isn't having visa issues

December 06, 2018
Dalton Harris
Donovan Germain

Producer Donovan Germain is today insisting that a story carried by UK Tabloid Daily Mail has misinterpreted the situation X Factor winner Dalton Harris is currently facing as it relates to his travel documents.

The story, which was published on Wednesday, says Harris will be forced to leave the UK days after winning the X Factor crown because his is about to expire.  

Daily Mail had reported that Harris is being “forced to leave the UK just days after his show triumph as his visa is set to expire.” It also revealed that the news has put his single promotion and his place on the X Factor live tour in jeopardy. The article also said that negotiations are now under way to get Harris to stay in the country.

Germain said that although Harris will have to return to Jamaica for a short while, he is not having visa issues.

Speaking with THE STAR about the actual facts of the story, Germain explained that Harris was able to compete in the international competition because of special arrangements established with the UK government. He revealed that Harris received documents allowing him to remain in the country for the duration of the competition and explained that now the contest has ended, Harris has to follow the protocols he agreed to by returning to Jamaica.


Germain added that because Harris will be participating in the X Factor tour and is scheduled to conduct interviews with the media, the 24-year-old Jamaican will now need to apply for a UK work permit.

A work permit is an official document giving a foreigner permission to take up a job in another country.

“Dalton is not having visa issues. If he’s going to go on the X Factor tour and so on, he’s going to have come back to Jamaica to get the work permit. That’s the standard procedure,” he said. “I don’t know the type of visa he had, but it gave him the opportunity to go and do the show and that visa doesn’t expire until in January in any case. He’s not being kicked out of nowhere. He’s just following protocol. That’s all it is.”

Since winning the competition on Sunday, Harris has been conducting several interviews across the UK. He is still in the country today carrying out his duties as the newest X Factor champion.

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