Weh Dem Up To: Bascom X eyeing comeback

November 30, 2018
Lionel Rookwood/Photographer Bascom X
Bascom X

He was projected to be one of the biggest reggae artistes to come out of Jamaica when his single 'Lonely Girl' became a hit in 2004. The song catapulted singer Bascom X into stardom during the early stages of his career and became an anthem across Jamaica and the Caribbean.

Although he released other songs after that, Bascom X did not quite find the follow-up track that would keep him on the music scene.

Soon his name was forgotten on the front line as other artistes dominated the spotlight.

Now, more than a decade later, the singer says he is ready to reclaim his spot among the top reggae acts in the island.

THE WEEKEND STAR caught up with the entertainer at the Magnum STAR Live show in Lucea last Friday, where he shared his plans to regain control of the music space.

Bascom X, who has over the years been aligning himself with Gyptian, gave a surprise performance at the show and based on the reception from the crowd, the entertainer believes the time has come for him to reintroduce himself to the local music sphere. "I'm not an artiste weh like always in the studio recording, because if me nah feel the music me nah go record, so me nuh have nuh whole heap a song out there for the people," he said, explaining his absence from the music scene. "Now, when me ready, me ready. So in the latter part of 2018 going into 2019, me ready. The voice is much better and I'm more mature, doing mature music for mature audiences. A culture and reality we a deal wid, so the people dem can look out for all these lovely tracks."

Bascom X explained that he had to tour a lot when he got his big break, keeping him from many rhythms being put out at that time.

"When you are a new artiste that break out on the scene, the world wah see you. Actually, the song weh bring me out on the scene is a world song. It play all over the globe, on every scene, in every session, and so yuh find out, say me did affi do a lot of tours here and there. So most of the riddims dem weh come out me miss dem because I was always away. Then kids come in play and all kinda things," he said. "But, I'm back in studio. I have two tracks putting out right now. The one that is out is called She Knows, and it's an acoustic song. It's a nice ballad for the ladies, that I think they will love. I also have this one called 1978. We a go bring back the '70s inna the 2000s yah now. "

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