Bellyful of laughter promised at Come Mek Wi Laaf

November 30, 2018
File Leighton Smith

'A show for all the family' is how Everett Lewis, director of the Best Care Foundation describes the annual Come Mek Wi Laugh comedy show set for Sunday.

The event, scheduled for the Karl Hendrickson Auditorium, is expected to showcase some of the best comedians on the island.

Pretty Boy Floyd, Leighton Smith and Lemon are the Jamaican acts on the line-up. They are expected to serve up a heavy dose of laughter alongside Trinidadian comedians Marc Trinidad and Tommy Josephs.

Pointing out that although promotion for this year's show is later than usual, Lewis explained that despite the delay, the show will be just as entertaining as in previous years.

"It's just a show full of nice, clean, hilarious comedy. With the Christmas coming up, this event will be like a gift to the whole family," he said. "The funds from the show will be utilised by us to keep the children in good spirits this Christmas as well as take care of our everyday needs. Not only will you enjoy a show where you'll get a bellyful of laughter, but you'll also be giving back to a worthy cause."

Lamenting that the show has met upon some difficult times recently in terms of sponsorship, Lewis thanked this year's sponsors and the acts slated to perform.

He said that the comedians did not hesitate when approached to give of themselves for the cause.

"When we asked we were not shown any resistance and there wasn't any difficulty in getting them to say yes. Even the Trinidadian comedians were so happy about coming here to perform for the children. They responded almost immediately with a positive tone," he said.

He admitted that each year gets more difficult "because we depend on sponsorship from the corporate companies".

"A number of the sponsors this year came on board at the last minute so it continues to be a struggle but we persevere nonetheless. The children deserve to have a great Christmas and so we press on. We're happy for the support we have received and we really hope to get more support as we continue to host the event."

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