Live streaming for CB's PAN-X


October 31, 2015
File Naomi Francis

While the hypnotising smell of chicken being grilled with

flavourful herbs and spices and the rhythms of popular tunes will draw

thousands to the waterfront, downtown Kingston, tomorrow, hundreds of thousands worldwide will experience the excitement of CB's PAN-X.

For the first time in the competition's 10-year history, the entire concert, not just snippets, will be aired on television. Going a step further, the grand final will be streamed live from 7-9 p.m. on Flow Channel 100 and the CB Chicken Facebook page.

"We at Flow see this competition as helping to create excitement and passion and generate income and employment at a time when grass-roots people need an economic boost.

"Indeed, we feel this competition should be taken across the region and the world annually as we add value and innovate on existing ventures," said Naomi Francis, manager, corporate communications at Flow, which will also provide wifi at the event.

Beverage partner Pepsi will be on hand to quench every thirst with their catalogue of products. The company's famous football machine will also be erected for patrons to show off their skills and win prizes.

"For people who know real pan chicken and barbeque, meats taste a lot better when marinated in Pepsi," said Mitchell Watson, marketing manager at Pepsi Cola Jamaica.

"We enjoy being a part of any event that showcases Jamaican culture."

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