Wig-wearing comedians fear gay label

October 30, 2015
Contributed Dutty Berry
Dutty Berry

Several male Jamaican comedians have found fame on social media by sometimes playing the role of females in dresses and wigs, but some persons are disgruntled with the idea and are labelling the males as homosexuals.

A Facebook post captured the general sentiments of those opposed to males playing female roles in their comedic skits.

"What's up with all these Jamaican comedians dressing and acting like women complete with wigs and all? My comment is unreserved. If you dress and act like women to be funny then we have no choice, but to see you as being 'funny'. We get the message, now stop acting," the post said.

my fan base

But Dutty Berry explained that he plays female roles in his videos because a female is not always readily available to participate, and may not be able to depict the role as humorously as he could.

The comedian conceded that he was initially hesitant to act as a female, however, after experimenting with the role once, he has found that people gravitate to it more than his other content.

"I find that females form a large part of my fan base and they love my content. Your job as a comedian is to entertain so you have to give the people what they want," said Dutty Berry said, who has a recent video in which he is seen wearing a red wig playing a 'matey', who is "putting wifey in her place".

Another male comedian who often plays female roles is Dale Elliott, popularly known as Elli the Viner. He usually wears a green towel wrapped around his head to depict a female character.

He noted that he is cognisant of the notion that males who play female characters are often referred to as being gay which is why he treads carefully when he attempts to take on a female role.

"I know how Jamaicans are, so I don't go all out and wear wigs. I only wear the towel on my head, but my tone and masculine demeanour doesn't change because I don't want people to label me as gay," Ellie the Viner said.

"Don't judge a book by it's cover. People are sometimes harsh with their criticism, but they should remember that at the end of the day, it's just acting."

unconventional props

Meanwhile, Kvonne Legore, popularly known as Prince Pine, sometimes plays the role females but uses unconventional props to depict the characters

"I try wig one time and me neva like it. I try to use anything except wig on my head. I use shoes box, shirt, towel and even me brief. I don't want people to wonder about my sexuality so I stay far from the wig controversy," Prince Pine said.

However, he added, "It's all for entertainment. It's been around for a long time and not just in Jamaica, so I don't see why Jamaicans have to bash it."

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