He threw out his babymother for me

October 23, 2020

Dear Pastor,

I am a 23-year-old woman and I am living with my boyfriend, who is 25. I am here with him because I cannot do better.

I came to Kingston and was staying with relatives, but where they are is a ghetto. I came to better my life. The first thing I got introduced to was prostitution.

I refused to live that kind of life. When I was in the country I only had one boyfriend. Since coming here, my relatives want me to have multiple partners, because they say one man "can't cut it".

One day I was in Cross Roads, where I met this guy that I am living with now. He seemed nice when he started to talk to me. He asked me where I was from and I told him.


But I also told him that I did not like where I was staying. He told me that he was living with a girl and she just had a baby. He said he lost his job due to COVID.

He was driving a car, but he told me the car was not his. He said that he had to return it the following day. I really liked this guy.

He dropped me home. When my cousins saw me with the man, they said that's the way to do it. I asked him if he didn't have anything to give me and he said no.

He said that he had spent all his money on the girlfriend. I did not know what to do, because I did not have any money and I did not want to go on the street.

Anyway, one of the girls cooked some rice and corned beef, so I had dinner because I had nothing to eat. The next day I called the guy and I told him that I was going to go back to the country because I could not deal with the life here. He told me where to meet him. He gave me $5,000 that he borrowed from a friend and told me not to go to the country.

He said he would find a way to help me. His babymother told him that her mother was going to come and stay with her for a while to help her with the baby, because that was her first child.

He told his babymother that is was better for her to go and stay with her mother instead. So she went.

While she was gone, he told me to come and stay with him for a week until he could sort out somewhere for me to stay because he loved me.

Somebody told his babymother that I was at the house and she came one night. I had to run for my life. There was a big argument because he told her that he did not want her anymore.

Now I am here in this whole mess and I don't know what to do, because the news of what happened to me has reached country already and I ashamed to go back.


Dear F.R.,

Encourage this man to go back to his babymother. Be a good girl. I am not condemning you for what happened. You were trying to make life for yourself, but it was wrong of this man to take you into the same house where his child's mother lives. You are not a bad girl. If you were a bad girl you would've got totally involved in prostitution.

It may take you a long while now to get this guy out of your mind, but you will. I do not know your telephone number, but I believe that I have a job for you.

Please call me as soon as possible at (876) 877-1009.


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