I was wicked to my boyfriend

October 22, 2020

Dear Pastor,

I was with a man for five years. The reason why we broke up was because I stabbed him in front of his boss and friends. We started to talk again because he didn't want to stop talking to me.

I was wrong in the first place to stab him. He said he doesn't love me any more, but he still likes me. He calls me whenever he wants to have sex, but I don't always go.

I am single and I am just waiting on God to send me a husband. I am still in love with him.


Dear K,

I am sorry that you could not control yourself, so in your rage you stabbed your boyfriend. But you still love him. You could've killed this young man. You could've ended up in prison.I suggest that the both of you go and see a counsellor because, evidently, the feelings for each other are very strong.

You said that you have sex together, but there are times when he calls and you do not go.

So please, go and see a family counsellor and try to resolve your problems. I wish you well.


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