Seeking a ‘sexy, big woman’

June 30, 2020

Dear Pastor,

May the Lord bless you. Please, could you help me to find a nice lady from St Ann, Clarendon, or St Elizabeth? This lady should be between 60 and 69 years old. She should be able to reason, and she should love to cook, is loving and very clean.

She should be church-minded. She should also be working. If she is not working, she should be able to help herself by doing some buying and selling in the market.

I am a sick person. I broke my right foot while I was painting a house. I cannot walk again. But I do my gardening and sell my produce in the market.

My children assist me. They are living in the United States. They will take care of the lady. I am a single man. The woman I was living with passed away in 2017. She was 65 years old.

This lady I am looking for should be able to bake pudding, and she should be sexy and very pleasant. I am lonely in my house.


Dear P.,

You have your criteria. You know the type of woman that you want. Although you are not able to work as before, you have declared that you want a woman that can bake your pudding, and she must be sexy.

At the same time, you want a working woman. Aside from the fact that this woman will be living in your house, you have not said what you have to offer her. It appears to me, and I may be wrong, you are more seeking a caregiver. But if you are seeking a caregiver, why should this woman be sexy and be willing to go to the market, etc?

Anyway, old-time people say that "every hoe have him stick a bush." So I wish you well, and I will contact you if your type of woman wants to meet you.


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