Lowe in no hurry to decide where he will play next

June 17, 2020
Jamaica’s Damion Lowe in action against The Cayman Islands at the National Stadium on September 9, 2018.
Jamaica’s Damion Lowe in action against The Cayman Islands at the National Stadium on September 9, 2018.

National defender Damion Lowe says that he is in no hurry in deciding where next he will play his club football.

The 27-year-old Lowe is currently a free agent after mutually parting ways with Norwegian club IK Start earlier in May, after a three-year stint with the team.

The Reggae Boy said that he has received interest from clubs, including recently from a team in Qatar, but believes that it is prudent to wait on the conclusion of the European football season.

"I felt like with the options when we compared everything, yes, it's a good offer, but we just feel like we can push more and be more patient because in reality the transfer window hasn't opened yet," Lowe told STAR Sports. "We are just waiting on the teams in England and in other places for the season to be over so they can be focused more on the transfers."

The domestic seasons in Germany, Spain and Italy have already resumed after a three month lay-off because of the coronavirus pandemic, with the English Premier League restarting their season today. Lowe says that because clubs will be fully focused on finishing their respective campaigns, he is waiting patiently for season's end for things to move forward.

Not really focused

"A lot of teams are fighting for promotion, they are looking to stay in the league, getting a mid-table spot, a bunch of stuff. They are not really focused on transfers right now but they have shown interest. But we just have to hold on and wait on their side," he said. Guidance from FIFA released in April said that they would accommodate changes to this summer transfer window period because of the upheaval caused by the virus.

Lowe says that he is determined to make a well-thought-out choice on his new club.

"You don't want to jump the gun. With better leagues, better everything you have to just compare. If teams really want me that bad they are willing to wait and be patient," he said.

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