Christie credits transparency for Dunbeholden’s improvement

June 10, 2020
Dean-Andre Thomas
Dean-Andre Thomas
 Paul Christie
Paul Christie

Dunbeholden manager Paul Christie has credited the self-evaluation methods of the organisation and a shift in its mentality as key factors in their improvement in their second year competing in the Red Stripe Premier League (RSPL).

After barely escaping relegation with 33 points in their inaugural campaign, three points above the drop zone, the St Catherine-based outfit were in sixth place with 43 points before the season was cancelled.

Christie described their first season as a constant battle for survival. He says that the recent progress made by the club could have only been done by being able to have transparent dialogue between players, coaching staff and management as to how they could get better and how to be more bold in their approach.

"Our communication has improved. That is one of the main aspects of our communication from both management and players, and we are getting a feel now of what it takes to win," Christie told STAR Sports. "We've had frank and honest discussions with the players and we try to have a mind shift. And that, along with out honesty and/or communication, is what is credited for this shift in the results."

Major contributors

One of the major contributors to the team's success in 2019-20 has been midfielder Dean Andre Thomas, who tallied 12 goals this season, and ended up finishing in a four-way tie for second place in the golden boot race. Christie says that they have high aspirations for Thomas' future.

"We put [a] support system behind Dean Andre to have him maximise on his natural potential, and he has responded well and has been constantly improving. We are still expecting greater things from him because it's a work in progress and we are trying to get better."

However, despite the progress made, he believes that the desire to continue learning will serve them well in the long run.

"We do it as a collective effort. There is no one person than can take credit. But we are trying to learn. We analysed and we try to figure it out. We have players who want to get better, who are in the habit of winning, so they are prepared to put in the requisite work that it would take to get the result, and we just trying to keep figuring it out along the way," he said.

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