Arnett’s Thomas wants two weeks notice ahead of restart

March 20, 2020
Alex Thomas
Alex Thomas

If and when the Red Stripe Premier League (RSPL) resumes, Arnett Gardens head coach Alex Thomas wants clubs to get adequate notice before any restart so that they can be in the best physical condition possible to finish the campaign.

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted the local football season with all games from last weekend postponed as a response to the first two imported cases in the island. Sixteen persons have been confirmed to have the virus resulting in one death. The last time Arnett Gardens played in the league was March 9, a 1-1 draw with league leaders Waterhouse. With the race for the regular season title and the last playoff places becoming extremely tight, Thomas says teams should be given time to regain their rhythm.

"If it does restart, I think the teams need at least two weeks to prepare," Thomas told STAR Sports. "Because you have to get back everybody in the right frame of mind, get back their fitness levels as a team, get back that team chemistry. You need at least two weeks to fully prepare the team."

Arnett currently sit outside the play-off places with 42 points, one point outside of the top six with four games remaining. Thomas is concerned about the lost momentum that the suspension may have caused.

"If the league does restart it you may see mixed results. A team at the top may get beaten by one at the bottom. This might come about because of the break," he said.

In the meantime, the absence of football has not stopped the team from remaining active during the break with Thomas instituting individual workouts for his players to be complied with as the players self-isolate to combat the spread of the virus. He says that they have been complying with the programme and he has done his part in checking in on the players to raise their morale during the period.

"As a coach, I keep in touch with the players. They are anxious, they want the league to restart so we have been touching base with them, texting them and in general trying to reach out to them," he said.

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