Punish them! - President calls on police to enforce smoking ban at schoolboy football matches

November 20, 2019
Keith Wellington
Keith Wellington

Keith Wellington, the president of ISSA, is calling on the police to enforce the ban on smoking in public spaces at schoolboy football matches.

This, as the people were seen smoking around the vicinity of the National Stadium and the Stadium East field during schoolboy football marches this season.

Wellington said that the organisation has received complaints of the incidence and is asking the police to enforce the law.

"We are aware that the issue of smoking in public is of concern nationally," he told STAR Sports. "We have been constantly, while at our games, making public announcements reminding them, so yes, we are aware. We have been trying to enforce it, to remind patrons that they should not be smoking."

He maintains that the association prohibits smoking at the venues, but says that the police, who have been seen at the venue, have a duty to enforce the law.

"We prohibit smoking at our games, but even before [it] gets to us, the law prohibits smoking in public spaces, so it's a matter that we are concerned about and we would make attempts to enforce. But it is also a matter that the police would be expected to enforce. Obviously, as a country, we haven't been doing well with enforcing our own law.s"

He, however, expects that the police assigned to matches and ISSA events would ensure that there are no further incidents at any ISSA-sanctioned event. "We would expect that they would do their jobs, and we would have had discussions in terms of briefing them as to what are the things we expect them to be looking out for, but we do not have the authority to supervise that," he said.

The National Stadium is scheduled to host the Manning Cup and Walker Cup semi-finals today and tomorrow, respectively.

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