Cops probe reprisal theory in triple murder

September 23, 2021

Head of the St Mary Police Division, Superintendent Bobbeth Morgan-Simpson, says that the police believe that yesterday's daring daylight triple killing in Enfield was targeting one individual.

Two of the deceased have been identified as Donald Westcart and Deshanti Dunkley, both of a Stony Hill address in St Andrew. The third has been identified only as Kenneth. It is believed that Westcart was the main target.

"We don't know the motives yet, they are not from the space but he was believed to be the main target. He was only living in St Mary but he is not from that area... Our information is about four gunmen went there," she said.

"It could be some type of reprisal. He is presently charged for murder by the St Andrew North police. He was before the courts for this murder and was due to go back come March next year. He has also been fingered in other murders in the St Andrew North area. So it could be reprisal for any of those incidents, he was also believed to be involved in scamming," she said.

Westcart, who was on bail, was linked to the triple murder of three youngsters in Stony Hill on August 4 and to two other murders in the area. Four other persons were injured in yesterday's shooting. Police report that about 11:40 a.m., four men went to a premises and opened gunfire hitting all seven persons including Westcart's mother and father.

- R.M.

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