Clothespin earrings catch eyes

November 05, 2020
Fashion Barber popped style in his shirt adorned with scrubbing pads.
Fashion Barber popped style in his shirt adorned with scrubbing pads.
Tony Krash
Tony Krash

Would you spend nearly $67,000 for clothespin-looking earrings? Fashion Barber, who is known for his sense of fashion oddity, loves them.

"It's different and very unique. I love it. Me woulda wear it, and if it was rose gold me would buy it, too," he told THE STAR.

The clothespin, being sold by a Japanese fashion brand, Ambush, go for around US$450. While social media users appear appalled at the price tag for the odd fashion piece, people like Fashion Barber believe they are worthwhile.

Known for boasting outfits of brights colours paired with random accessories such as teddy bears and balloons, 36-year-old Fashion Barber believes the trends can be accepted as fashion. "I already made a jacket out of clothespins before and it is a creative, unisex design. I love it," the fashionista said.

The clothespin-looking earrings are not the only fashion oddity that has been trending. Gucci recently released a line of 'distressed' black tights, which the luxury Italian retailer described as "stretch mesh tights in black". It was being sold for US$190.

Tony Krash, a local designer, said that the pieces are fashionable. "Fashion a fashion, and it has its niche market, so somebody going wear it. Nothing is weird about it, I like it," he said.

"My style is not necessarily other person's style. In my workplace, me nuh just make weh me like. When I was doing Campari (Pop Style), they were into weird stuff, but as I said, fashion has its niche. Sure, I would make them for someone," he told THE STAR.

And Fashion Barber can't wait to again wow the fashion lovers with his eye-catching trends. "You know is me just hold back because of COVID, and online school with my son. Me have some suits me want to drop for Christmas, so by the next two weeks, just look out for it."

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