Have you seen Moesha Appleton?

February 07, 2020

Moesha Appleton, a 22-year-old cashier from Arnett Gardens, St Andrew, has been missing since February 1. She was last seen in the Cross Roads area, where she worked, dressed in a grey blouse, pink and grey jeans and a pair of black slippers.

Dozens of persons have been handing out flyers across sections of the Corporate Area in a desperate attempt to find Appleton.

Prudence Reid, Appleton's mother, is worried sick.

"Mi feel like she go in a taxi and somebody take her away because this is not like her. I don't think it's a stranger who did it because everyone knows she is not the type to take a car that she don't know," she said. "Mi a beg uno just send her home, please, or just drop her somewhere because she will find her way home. Everybody love her and we barely a eat or sleep since she gone."

Reid told THE WEEKEND STAR that she grew alarmed when calls to Appleton's phone went unanswered on Sunday morning.

"She lives between me and her sister, and the Saturday morning she told me she was very tired and as she reach home she was going to bed. I thought she had gone to her sister home and fallen asleep so mi say mi nah call her because she did a say she tired," said Reid. "When I call her Sunday and her phone nuh answer, mi say 'no man, she a sleep too long', and mi call her sister and she tell mi say Moesha never come home the night."

She described her daughter as a loveable and jovial person, while adding that she would not just desert her loved ones like that.

Anyone knowing the whereabouts of Moesha Appleton is being asked to contact the Half-Way Tree Police at 876-926-8184 or 119.

Reid can also be contacted at 876-404-5967 or 876-284-5900.

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