HOME AT LAST - Stolen baby, Nyyear Frank, now with his correct mom

January 31, 2020
Nyyear Frank
Nyyear Frank
Aaliah Wray
Aaliah Wray

After being in state care for more than a week, baby Nyyear Frank was given the green light to go home with his mother yesterday.

A bubbly Aaliah Wray told THE WEEKEND STAR that she is on cloud nine and has already begun bonding with the infant that has been out of her care for the past four months.

"I feel really excited to so I can get the chance to bond back with my baby and I will never ever make the same mistake that I did that caused him to get taken away. I have learnt a valuable lesson. I am more careful now and I am just happy," she said.

The infant was snatched from his mother's arms after she was dragged into a vehicle last October 13.

Wray had told THE STAR that weeks before her son was stolen, a friend introduced her to a woman on Instagram who claimed she had some baby clothes to donate as a gift.

Nyyear was recovered by the police after Wray reportedly got an anonymous tip via social media that the baby was at a house in Waltham Park.

Following the recovery of the child, DNA testing was done, and it was confirmed that he is actually Nyyear Frank, Wray's son.

Reflecting on the past four months, the teen mom said she had missed out on some milestones of her son's life, but is grateful that they have been reunited.

"I missed out on his first smile and the first time he sat up on his own. I missed out on a lot of things including breastfeeding him, which is good for his brain development and so on. But I will be there for him for the rest of my life. Now that he is back home where he belongs, I will be doing something special for him," she said.

Meanwhile, the Director of Public Prosecutions has ruled that charges be laid against the 21-year-old woman who was arrested last Wednesday after the baby was found at her Waltham Park home.

The ruling was handed down on Wednesday.

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