‘It tear up my heart’ - ‘Grandfather’ of stolen baby happy real mother got him back

January 23, 2020
Arnett Ramsay is still in shock that the baby he thought was his grandson is actually the stolen baby Nyyear Frank.
Arnett Ramsay is still in shock that the baby he thought was his grandson is actually the stolen baby Nyyear Frank.

When Arnett Ramsay saw his yard swarmed with police officers and his 21-year-old daughter in handcuffs, he was shocked and puzzled.

Seconds later, his heart skipped several beats when he was informed by one of the lawmen that she had stolen a baby and was posing with the child as her own for little more than three months.

"Mi say unno mad or something," he recalled. Ramsay leaned on a wall inside his Finch Crescent home off Waltham Park Road, where he explained that he had no idea that the infant, who he nicknamed 'Surprise', was not his grandson.

He told THE STAR that his daughter was pregnant but left their home one day saying that she was going to terminate the pregnancy.

"She then called me back and said the pregnancy was too far along so she couldn't abort it again. A couple of months after she called me to say that her baby born. All this time I thought she was by her babyfather because she would stay by him sometimes. Everyone was happy when she said the baby was born and healthy. I had no clue the baby was stolen and is today (yesterday) her boyfriend said he found out that she had stolen the baby as well," he said.

Was planned

Ramsay said that he had not come to terms with the ordeal.

"This was something that was planned but I know the baby rightful mother didn't plan anything with them. When mi see how the girl (Aaliah) come and grab her baby and a cry, it tear up my heart," he said.

The baby, Nyyear Frank, was snatched from his mother Aaliah Wray on October 13, along Rousseau Road in St Andrew, which is approximately a 10-minute drive from where he was found.

Ramsay said that his family had accepted the baby, and marvelled that the child resembled his grandchildren.

"A regular mi take him up and walk gone a road with him. Him fava our side a the family, even him great-grandmother, who always help take care a him," she said.

He stated that while his daughter is wrong for keeping a baby that wasn't hers, he strongly believed that she did not act alone and may have been influenced.

"I honestly don't know why she would do something like this because she knows what it feels like to grow up without a mother," he said. "It sad to see mi daughter walk out inna handcuff but mi feel relief say the girl get back her baby because that girl wanted back her baby. If mi did have the slightest idea say is her baby, mi wouldn't put up with it. Mi glad she get back her baby."

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