I was talking generally - ‘Jenny Jenny’ clarifies comments about women after social media backlash

January 16, 2020

Social media users attacked radio personality Jennifer 'Jenny Jenny' Small yesterday after a video in which she aired her views on women surfaced days after Shantel Whyte was shot and killed, allegedly by her lover.

Since then, two other women, Suianne Easy and Nevia Sinclair, were also killed, with their lovers also implicated.

"If it is that we a go ensure that we tek a loan ... tek you time and do what you want to do. If it is that you have to go school part-time and work part-time, do it. Stop try 'bups out' the man dem because it a cost you life and we have too many people dying for you not to be wise fi know seh this is not an option," Small said in the video.

People accused her of being misogynistic. However, speaking with THE STAR yesterday, Small said that she was not directing her comments to the deceased, as she did not know about their lives.

Instead, she said that she was using the voicenotes she heard surrounding Easy's murder to spark a conversation and a warning to women.

Economic plan

"I was talking generally. You hear the whole argument about giving 'bun'. I am saying why do women give bun though? The top of the reason is the economics ... The problem that I am having with a number of women who are in abusive relationships is that they don't have an economic plan," she said.

Small said that she is sticking by her statement because many women are educated and working, however, they have a particular lifestyle they want to maintain and that is why they have multiple relationships.

"I am still saying and I am never ever taking it back, that we need to get to a level of independence where you (women) can make a decision about your lives. A number of them stay in these abusive relationships because they need time. You hear them say they are working on something or if it is that I stop now, it is going to be hard to balance. We have to ensure that we start with our financial independence and emotional independence so that we can move quickly and avoid as best we can the hurt and death that so many of our ladies are suffering from," she said.

Small said that she realised that many men believe that women are indispensable. However, she said that many become angry when, after devoting time and financial support to a woman, they later find she is not loyal.

"It is a fact that many of the men are hurting because they have invested. It is a fact that if you are playing with a man's emotions you should stop. It is a fact that you have a number of women who are dating several men in order to have their material needs filled, and I am not going to take it back that they need to stop it. They need to stop the cheap lifestyle that is costing them their lives," she said.

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