Craig Town residents beg NSWMA to remove trash

January 16, 2020
Craig Town resident Steve says the garbage is a grave discomfort.
Craig Town resident Steve says the garbage is a grave discomfort.

Residents of Craig Town, Kingston, are living next to an overflowing pile of garbage. This is because the new year came and saw garbage from 2019 blowing around in the wind, causing a rancid odour to hover over the community.

"It a affect we bad. We come out and siddung and because a di smell a di rubbish weh a affect yuh, yuh afi a run!" Steve, a resident, told THE STAR.

"You and yuh pickney dem affi cork yuh nose ... the smell come like it wah upset yuh stomach. More time a dead things inna the rubbish and dem ting deh!"

The concerned citizen says other residents have resorted to burning the dump.

"A somebody affi come light di dump fi get rid a di dead dog and dem ting deh weh inna the rubbish. Dem a talk bout di dengue ting and dis worse a guh carry it inna the area. We woulda like something to be done to it!" Steve said.

Another frustrated resident, Simone, is begging for assistance from the National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA).

"We tired a di garbage out deh so! We tired a it! From last year, and all now nuh garbage truck nuh come! We affi a light it a fire every minute, and di pickney dem a sick because of everything! Dis wulleep a garbage nuh mek sense ... we call the garbage truck and dem still nuh come. It nuh look good over there ... so we need some assistance to come and remove it," she said.

"Everything weh dead ova there! Dead pig, dead cow, everything! We caa even eat out a road ... we afi inna the yard fi eat because a bare fly," Simone said.

THE STAR yesterday made several attempts to contact Audley Gordon, the executive director at the NSWMA, but was unsuccessful. A response was sought through the entitity's communications point person, but up to press time yesterday, no response was provided.

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