We Still A Win - Bounty Killer, Tommy Lee-Sparta nice up Floyd Green’s party

January 15, 2020

To many persons, Floyd Green is a politician but not many may know that he is somewhat of a musical connoisseur, who sometimes shows off his skills at the consoles.

Green, the member of parliament for South West St Elizabeth, has found a way to combine his passion for music and entertainment.

His annual party, We Still A Win, has been pulling more and more people.

The latest edition was held in Barbary Hall, St Elizabeth on January 10. It featured the likes of Bounty Killer and Tommy Lee Sparta.

We Still A Win is used to raise funds to support early childhood institutions across the constituency.

"It was a tremendous success and I am truly happy and grateful to see the amazing turnout, especially considering that the event is for charity," Green told THE CENTRAL STAR. "Our main project this year is to complete the fencing at the Pedro Plains Infant School. I am confident that we would have made the target to make this possible."

Here are the highlights.

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