‘She doesn’t have to beg’ - Woman chastises sibling for asking public to help bury her daughter

January 15, 2020

Less than a week after Patricia Campbell came to THE STAR seeking help to bury her daughter, Anterice Smart, who died on December 19 from pneumonia, family members living in the United States are saying this is a ploy to scam the public.

Saddiyah Ali, Campbell's sister, explained that family members have been giving assistance, even before Anterice died.

She said that she has been sending money to pay for Anterice's medical bills, and even stated she was going to pay for the funeral expenses.

"She (Campbell) is looking sympathy and lying that she needs help to bury her daughter. Up to Saturday, she called me and I didn't make her wiser about what was going on. She said that she wanted J$370,000 because that is what the funeral going to cost. Why is she looking money from people out there?" she asked.

Additionally, she said that Campbell is telling her granddaughter and other family members not to come to Jamaica for the funeral.

"Even when she was sick, I was the one who sent money to pay for her to be admitted and take care of her in the hospital. When her daughter drop down in the yard on December 12, the neighbour daughter called me right away to say she fainted. Now that shi dead, this is your way to get money off people? Try to bring down scandal on the family? And you don't want the family who is overseas to come because you don't want them to know the lies that you telling?" she said.

However, Campbell said that Ali is not helping in any way. She said even if they offered help, they would use it to control her, and that is what she don't want.

"From mi call dem and tell dem di price of the funeral supm, all now nobody nuh call mi back, so everything fall back pan mi. I don't want them to pay for it and den likkle more dem tek it trace me and tell mi how dem did affi bury my pickney. Mi rather stand my own responsibility," she said, adding that they have done this before.

"Shi did sen a frock fi mi when mi fada die years ago. Wah day yah mi auntie die and mi wear the frock. The first ting shi a go tell mi is dat shi did affi send money come gimi and shi did affi buy frock fi mi. I don't want anybody tek dese tings and fling it inna mi face, so mi rada stand mi own," she said.

Campbell said that currently, she is focusing on burying her daughter, something she hopes to do by the end of the month.

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