I am ashamed of my illiterate boyfriend

July 26, 2019

STAR, I am embarrassed by my illiterate boyfriend, and I am at the point where I want to leave him but don't know how to.

What ticks me off is that he is not willing to learn, and he doesn't know how to keep his mouth shut in public. He always forces himself into persons' conversations and speaks the loudest and then uses some 'big' words that don't make any sense.

I knew something was off when we met, but I thought we could have moved pass it. I noticed that whenever I sent him serious text messages, he would just respond with ' ok' or send me voice notes that were completely irrelevant.

STAR, what makes me feel really bad is the fact that I am always boasting to my friends that he attended university because I don't want anyone to look down on him, but just recently, he blew everything. We all went on a mini vacation at a resort, and while we were there, a discussion came up about sex. of course, he took the conversation right over and was trying to convince the group that the clitoris is on the inside of the vagina and that what we call the clit is the 'tongue'.

My friends were laughing him to a scorn, and then one of them went on Google and told him to read aloud where the clit is located. Mi say the fool-fool man take the phone and put down a piece a 'reading' deh. I instantly left the table and went to my room. By the time we returned to Kingston, all my other friends who were not part of the trip knew that he could not read to save his life.

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