My Confession: Married boyfriend was too superstitious

June 28, 2019

STAR, call me weird, but I had this boyfriend, and I was willing to do anything to keep him in my life.

The thing is, he had a wife, but I was selfish and wanted him for myself. He was very superstitious, and I used to find it annoying. Eventually, I decided to use it to my advantage.

One night, I woke him up in the middle of the night and told him that I had a dream that his wife was sprinkling his side of the bed with powder, and he instantly told me that he believed because he was restless whenever he slept beside her.

Another night, he was leaving my home and I wanted him to stay with me, so I told him that there was an angel of death standing at my gate waiting for him. STAR, the man fly back in the house and start say him head a swell, and all start cry. Part a mi waah laugh, but mi just start act like me a speak inna a tongues and rebuke it. He was determined to go home that night, but he was afraid to go through the gate. Him jump the fence so that him and the death angel nuh buck up.

When him a walk go over him yard, mi start run behind him and a bawl out say she a fly over him head. The man start run really fast, so mi tell him say him must stop because she a catch him up. Mi all start bring out crowd on the road, and mi a get inna spirit and a tell him say mi a see a coffin a swing over him head.

The man never bother go home that night. Him sleep over and hang on to mi tight. The next day, him beg him brother to take out his stuff out of the house weh him share wid him wife.

STAR, after about four months of living together, mi couldn’t take it because him start rub up himself with all type a oil, say him a protect himself.

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