Ijah Maakie continues ‘The Journey’

October 27, 2020
Ijah Maakie
Ijah Maakie

Reggae artiste Ijah Maakie is currently promoting his latest EP, titled ' The Journey', which was officially released on August 7.

The six tracks reflect topics ranging from social issues to a sneak peek into the artiste's own life.

"It's a mixture of reggae crossed over with hip-hop and dancehall. The reggae sound is most prominent on the tracks," the artiste explained. "The reception has been nothing but wonderful. I have not gotten one bad comment on any of the tracks." The music video for one of the tracks, Love Journey, was released on June 25.

Ijah Maakie has been coming into his own as a standout artiste for the past few years, promoting positive and useful messages through his music.


"Anyone who listens to my music will immediately identify the difference in lyrical content; a deep tone of voice which delivers with aggression, while still being soothing and appealing to the ears, and the songs are very relatable," he said. "The punchlines are very catchy and worded differently from the norm, which compels you to dig deep into your thoughts."

His previous releases include his debut EP, the 2017 release First Impression, as well as singles such as High Horse and Silent Heart.

He has major plans to make an impact on the music scene and the wider society.

"My aspiration is to be well established in the music business. When the name Ijah Maakie is uttered, no one should have to ask who that is, especially in Jamaica," he said. "I also want to get rich, because I want to help the poor in every possible way: with back to school, setting up businesses, providing medication and/or medical equipment, proper housing, anything to improve human living conditions."

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