Singing Melody to open ‘The Next Chapter’

September 24, 2020
Singing Melody
Singing Melody

Reggae singer Singing Melody is ready for the next stage of his career with an album aptly titled ' The Next Chapter'.

The 16-track project, which will be released on October 16, shows the singer dabbling in genres such as Afrobeats, trap-dancehall and R&B, along with his usual mainstays of reggae and its subgenre, lovers' rock.

The album features three collaborations, Never Leave, featuring Teddy Riley and J. Sol; Keep You Warm, featuring Ghanaian artiste Budukusu; and the Latin-infused Caliente, featuring emerging dancehall artiste Whitter The Legend.

"What we're trying to do with this album is to surgically target different markets in the global marketplace. That's why we have songs like Caliente, where the vocals are in Spanish and English, being directed towards the Latin audience," said the artiste, whose given name is Everton Hardweare.

"We're experimenting with Afrobeats. We have lovers' rock for our core audience, and the traditional reggae for the European market. This is a global product. I am fusing my sound," he added.

He said that he welcomed the challenge of "renewing his spirit" after a career spanning 30 years. Four years ago, he became a vegan and started running five miles a day, dropping 30 pounds to a trim 174 pounds, what he calls his 'fighting weight'.

"I have evolved. This is not the version of Singing Melody with a belly," he joked. "I pay attention to the music and what is trending, and while it doesn't produce sales, I still want to connect with that younger audience. My career is over 30 years [long], so I have to explore different ways to express myself and rely on my navigational skills to just make music."

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