Gold Leaf rhythm takes flight

September 23, 2020

Top names as well as up-and-coming acts add some sparkle to the Gold Leaf rhythm, which was produced by Natural Bond Entertainment.

The project, which has been making an impact on radio, was released on September 12.

According to the producer, Jerome Elvie, the inspiration for the project was to provide momentary relief from happenings on the world scene.

"Everyone has had to adjust since the pandemic, but most importantly, people have been so caught up on life that they have forgotten how to live. When you hear the sound of this rhythm, I hope it gives you a feel-good vibe," Elvie said. Music videos for some of the songs have already been released, including Deep Jahi's Private Party and Get Gyal Easy by Knaxx.

Videos for songs by Teejay, Lybran, I-Octane, Masicka and Jahvillani are expected shortly. The project took close to two months to complete.

"It is not usual to find dancehall artistes being as professional as the ones on this project, and I have to admit that it makes a producer's job much easier. It is important to communicate, which brings about understanding," said Elvie. "We all knew the direction that we were heading and having the same mission of giving the fans quality music."

The producer said it was a deliberate move to feature up-and-coming acts on the project.

"It's easy to have a rhythm with notable acts, but where does that leave the next Sean Paul or Shaggy? It's not that much of a risk to give real talent an opportunity but knowing how important it is to showcase these talents with established acts. On all my projects I'll try to expose one or two eligible artistes to shine among the stars," he said.

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