Sean Paul Foundation, FFP give COVID-19 care packages

July 10, 2020
Sean Paul
Sean Paul

The Sean Paul Foundation assisted the Food For The Poor (FFP) to deliver food and care packages in the community of Spring Pass in Yallahs, St Thomas.

The multi-award winning dancehall artiste worked with the FFP Jamaica to provide packages valued at US$50 each for 120 families last Friday.

"In talking to the Food For the Poor, we were trying to decide where we can make the most impact. We know that there can be areas that are over-served by assistance, and in such a situation there are many who will not receive assistance. Through working with FFP, we decided to come to Spring Pass in St Thomas," said Jerome Hamilton, Sean Paul's agent, at the distribution centre at the New Testament Church of God in Yallahs.

The distribution was made easier by the team from Dutty Rock Productions including artistes Chi Ching Ching and Ras Aja.

Community member Sofia Barrister said she was extremely grateful to receive one of the care boxes.

"During this COVID time, things are very rough, no work, bills still to pay, but we are giving God thanks and asking for Him to bless you tremendously. For you [Sean Paul Foundation] to think about us and give back, we are very grateful," said Barrister.

Understand the need

"We understand the need in the community. The majority of them (recipients) are in low or no income families, and now with COVID-19 most of those who had income now have no income," explained Kivette Silvera, director at Food for the Poor.

The boxes consisted of rice, flour, oats, crackers, corned beef, red peas, tinned mackerel, sausages and sardines. The beneficiaries also received a hygiene package including tissue, soap, bleach, toothpaste, toothbrush, body wash and pain-relief medication.

"We also found it critical to include multi-functional cleaning products such as bleach and vinegar. It was important to give options to keep the recipients safe," said Hamilton.

The recipients were also offered otaheite apple, jackfruit, sweetsop and pomegranate trees to plant in their yards under the Fruits For The Poor project.

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