Real Boss inspires with ‘Watch Over Me’

June 24, 2020

With the COVID-19 pandemic taking toll on several countries, dancehall artiste and producer Real Boss decided that it was pertinent that he inspire lives with his latest single, Watch Over Me.

"This song was natural. In the time of the coronavirus, I said, what can we give to the people? Dem nuh want no gun song or anything violent. So I decided to give them prayer. It's just natural," Real Boss explained.

Waterhouse Records/Shotdem Entertainment/GxM Musix Group produced Watch Over Me and it is receiving much attention on local radio.

Viral king

"This is currently one of my most played songs right now," he said. "Having a man like Foota play my song signifies a big thing. Foota is one of the big things right now, he's the viral king. From Foota touch it, you know it nuh normal."

Originally from Cassava Piece in St Andrew, Real Boss made the name change from Kryme Boss a year ago.

"The universe naw feel crime, them a feel love. Me meds the name change for about three to four years and it has been a great move," Real Boss said. "This change in name matches the maturity of my music and approach as I continue to formulate my own credible identity within the dancehall space."

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