Rash of coronavirus songs unleashed

March 23, 2020

With the coronavirus ravaging the globe, a rash of songs have popped up, many of which attempt to inject humour into a painful situation.

Reggae and dancehall artistes number among those who have thrown songs into the ring.

The songs either educate about the established protocols to live by in this coronavirus era, or create something that is fun and danceable, and which distract from the frightening reality of the situation.

Sizzla Kalonji's song on the Far East rhythm could very well be used as a government-sponsored public service announcement.

He is quoted as saying that it is a warning for persons to safeguard their homes from COVID-19.

"It is a very serious matter, so I think for better understanding of public matters, more artistes should do a little song highlighting the matter," he said.

Corona Virus ... The Dancehall Song from Jamaica-born, UK resident Ras Strika is another that is chockful of useful information.


He gives valuable instruction on how to proceed, given the parameters of the current pandemic.

"Please protect your family, friends and, most of all, yourself, and remember to wash your hands," Ras Striker notes.

Comedian Kevin 'Kevin2wo Krayzee' Swaby does a parody of Queen Ifrica's Keep It To Yourself, which gets straight to the heart of the matter.

"If yuh feel like yuh wah cough, keep it to yourself/Yuh feel like yuh wah sneeze, keep it to yourself/Mi nuh wah ketch corona, keep it to yourself," he sings.

While it attracts laughter, the message is clear.

Deejay Silver Cat, in defence of his amusing Corona (A Look Mi) single - which many persons still think was done by Buju Banton - told THE STAR that he studied the effects of music and knows that it cheers people up, therefore his song is like medicine.

Like Silver Cat, he addresses the virus as " hey gal Korona", making it clear that this is one female he wants nothing to do with.

N ew Hail (Coronavirus) from Zagga was officially released on March 13 and even has visuals, which is essential to the message detailing the new ways of greeting friends and family. Devin Di Dakta's Dear Hon. Bro Gad is a letter to Prime Minister Andrew Holness, where he asks pertinent questions.

Chronic Law's Covid 6ix Freestyle is trending on YouTube, while veterans Pinchers and Little John have also boldly stepped out with coronavirus-related messages.

"Mi nah left mi gloves and mi dust mask, no way/Mi nah shake nuh hand when mi a pass, no way/With the coronavirus you don't know who to trust" is the advice from Little John.

General Levy, Admiral T, Ganggoolie and Majah Hype are also getting attention with their coronavirus-themed songs.

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