Artiste urges youth to pursue their dreams

February 24, 2020

Dancehall artiste Pharaoh is urging the youth to aggressively pursue their dreams and to ignore distractions and forego silly excuses; in other words, just Do It.

"Most of us procrastinate, talk about all the things we want to do instead of just doing it. It's good to have dreams and aspirations, but it takes action, not excuses, to make dreams come true. Mi write this song yah fi awake consciousness and motivate people to action, not chat," he said.

Do It was released earlier this month on the Bossie Music label.

The artiste said that he likes to incorporate issues that are felt in the streets.

"I deejay about real-life issues that everyone can relate to. Too many people are dying in the streets, and that comes from too many guns in the hands of too many idlers and thugs without reasoning ability. There is a better way for young people to uplift themselves, dem just have to make up dem mind and do it, " he said.

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