Cops explain why they shut off Sumfest before the 6ix could perform

July 20, 2019
Jahvillani performing at Reggae Sumfest on Saturday morning.

The highly anticipated performance by the 6ix at Reggae Sumfest 2019 failed to materialise after the police shutdown the event at 8:27 Saturday morning.

Superintendent Gary McKenzie, said the police decided to stop the show because of the use of profanity by entertainers.

"We were not going to allow them to continue with the expletives so we stop the show,"  McKenzie said.

Chronic Law and Squash, two of the hottest dancehall acts in the business, were left stranded when the lawmen pulled the plug at the end of Jahvillani's performance.

Based on the running order, the show should have ended by 6:00 a.m. 

"The police was using their discretion in terms of allowing some time to go on, and the artistes were on stage using profanity. The police cannot preside over something like that," McKenzie said.

"Time management is very important. The show should have concluded at 5:30, it was extended to 7:30."

Patrons hesitantly left the Catherine Hall, Montego Bay, St James venue angry, especially due to the fact that a feud appeared to be brewing between Chronic Law and Jahvillani. Some persons demanded refunds, insisting that they attended the show to see the 6ix perform.

 In what turned out to be the final performance of the morning, the Wile Side Government artiste fired lyrical shots at his nemesis. He said that he has become the envy of certain entertainers since Clarks reposted his Clarks Pon Foot video.

"A dis cause all a di controversy enuh. Mi chune guh number 1 trending fi how long. Clarks company guh suh bum, and share me chune. Me hear bare man start mek talk, but me nuh hear dem," he said on stage.

Jahvillani then performed Clarks Pon Foot before leaving the stage. However, with many expecting Chronic Law to respond with equal venom, patrons were left disappointed when MC Nuffy announced that the police have instructed that the event be brought to an immediate end.

Rumours of an altercation between Jahvillani and Squash swirled around the venue. A police officer with whom The STAR spoke said tensions were high backstage. The officer said in a bid to prevent any escalation, the decison was taken to end the show.                                                        






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