Your views on marriage inspire people


January 19, 2016

Hi Readers,

I am happy for your overwhelming responses, but space is limited, and it is difficult to respond to all the letters while giving edifying articles.

We will follow up next week on your preps. I hope responding to the selected questions will help you all.

Good night to you, sister,

I like your views on marriage and all the ones you always write. It will help young people in the future to grow so they will understand better. As a marriage officer, what are the signs that you will get when God show you someone?

Good day Sir,

Thank you for your feedback on my articles. It is not so much signs that God will show, but more how you will be able to identify that special person when you see her.

I would say firstly that it may not always be love at first sight because love takes time to develop, although you may have a physical attraction to her.

More importantly for you, however, is that you know the characteristics that you are looking for in a partner in order to identify them when you observe them. Make character a romantic resolution.


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